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What is Psoriasis of The Liver

Psoriasis-of-the-liverI have recently come across the term “psoriasis of the liver”.  As a long time sufferer of psoriasis I could not help but to wonder, do I have psoriasis of the liver?  I mean it sounds pretty bad.  Will my liver itch or will my psoriasis get worse.  How do you get it?

In short, you don’t get it.  I have been researching psoriasis for a long time and have never heard mention of liver psoriasis from any reputable source.  People have posted information about this condition, and I will discuss what they say in just a minute.

First let me clarify what I think my be happening.  I think people may be confusing cirrhosis of the liver with psoriasis of the liver.  Though there is some connection between psoriasis and cirrhosis of the liver, they are not the same thing.  You can learn more about cirrhosis here.

Cirrhosis of the Liver is not Psoriasis

I have read articles online describing psoriasis of the liver exactly as cirrhosis is described on various reputable sites.  I understand where psoriasis and cirrhosis sound similar.  One could easily mistake one for the other.  The responsible thing to do would be to inform people that they are two different things rather than extent the confusion.

As a researcher of psoriasis and psoriasis remedies I find it frustrating to waste my time with misleading information.  So I am trying to set the record straight so no one gets confused and thinks they actually have a condition that does not exist.

Psoriasis of the Liver Causes Psoriasis?

I have also read where liver psoriasis is a special type of psoriasis caused by a back up of toxins in your liver.  This is little more complicated than the comparison made above.  There are known triggers of psoriasis, but the cause of it is still a mystery.  There are all sorts of ideas, I even have my own opinion, but there is no way to know of a specific cause of psoriasis as of yet.

I thoroughly agree that toxic build up in your liver and elsewhere is a major contributor to psoriasis, I am hesitant to place a label like “psoriasis of the liver” on this trigger.  Unless you are actively participating in a detox program chances are you have a buildup of toxins.  Though the liver processes toxins, the colon and intestines play very important roles in detoxifying your body as well.  Yet we don’t here of psoriasis of the colon or intestines.

Toxins Do Cause Psoriasis

Your skin helps protect your body from toxins and helps eliminate them through your sweat.  A build up of toxins in your body also affects your immune system, which can cause outbreaks of your psoriasis.  There is too much connection between toxins and your psoriasis to cover it all here, but the connection is very real.  This may be why there is a connection between cirrhosis of the liver and psoriasis.  They are not however the same thing.

July 9, 2013

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