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Natural Psoriasis Remedies
“Most people destroy their skin every time they bathe. They never realize the damage they do. If you have psoriasis, you can’t afford to damage your skin…”

Proper bathing is one of the best ways to treat and prevent psoriasis. But it’s hard to find good information on the best ways to bathe with psoriasis.

We are currently developing a program with specific guidelines to help you.

But you might need HELP NOW. . .  

This article is part of our ‘Psoak Away Psoriasis’ series. Our goal is to give you more OPTIONS to treat your psoriasis in the way that works best for you specifically.

Secret #1

Chlorine Free is the ONLY Way to Be…

Chlorine can play havoc on your skin. Stripping your skin of the natural oils you need for healthy skin.

In fact, we can always tell without fail when our chlorine filters need to be changed.  Everyone in the house has a harder time dealing with dry itchy skin. My eldest and I start to break out with psoriasis.

If we don’t have the money to get new filters, we increase our moisturizers. We will take shorter showers. It helps a little. But within a week, when the itching becomes unbearable, we find the money.

If you are not using a good chlorine filter on your shower, you are missing a lot of potential relief from your psoriasis. If you get one, you will thank me within a week.

We only have to change the filters twice per year.

Secret #2

WAIT… Don’t You Dare Exfoliate.


At least not the way everyone tells you too.

Loofahs feel great scratching up and down your back, but they are stripping away your protective skin layers. Same is true of salt scrubs and even sugar scrubs. Pumice stones grind away your lipid layer.

The best way to exfoliate for psoriasis is to make a paste with ground up oatmeal. It will gently exfoliate your skin without causing too much damage. I always use organic rolled oats. Then I know I am not exfoliating with any pesticides.

Simply put your oats in a coffee or spice grinder and blend onto a course flower.  Then add water to make a paste. Scrub gently. Your skin will thank you.

Another way to gently exfoliate is with chia seeds. Just soak chia seeds in water until they gel up. You can add these to a mud mask for a gentle exfoliation as you wash of the mask. You can also just use the gel and rub it on your skin. It is soft and mild so it shouldn’t damage your skin.

(I say ‘shouldn’t’ because I have learned enough about psoriasis to know we all have some unique quirks with our skin. That’s why we offer OPTIONS not cures.)

Secret #3

Get In-Touch With Your Inner Zorro…


Speaking of mud masks…

Bath time is a perfect time to apply a facial mask to clear out your pores and soothe your skin. You can’t soak with your face under water so a cleansing mask can be a great addition to your bath time routine.

There are lots of great mask you can use. Just make sure they don’t have added chemicals. I prefer to make my own out of natural ingredients depending on what my skin needs. If there is any interest, we can put together a list for you. Just let us know in the comments.

You can try a bentonite clay or maybe a Dead Sea mud mask. Bentonite is a natural occurring green clay derived from volcanic ash and its super magical powers come from trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, silica, aluminum, iron, sodium, calcium, titanium.

Always rinse your mud mask in the shower or sink after you are done with your bath. Bentonite clay in particular is so good as drawing out toxins, you don’t want to be soaking in the toxins you just pulled out.

Don’t forget to add your chia seeds as mentioned above.

Secret #4

Don’t Get Water Logged…


Replacing lost moisture is a good thing but becoming water-logged is another.

Once your skin has too much water in it the barrier function of the skin is compromised. Meaning that the skin can start to let stuff in that you might not want.  This is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin. It can take days, up to a week, for your protective layer to fully recover.

Another thing to consider… The hotter the water the faster your skin absorbs water. If you are bathing in really hot water you will strip away your acid mantle and water log your lipid layer.

Be careful not to bathe in water that is too hot.

Discover 21+ Secrets to Soothe Your Skin…

Secret #5

What the Heck is TOO HOT Anyway…


This one shouldn’t be a secret but it is. All the information that is easy to find about bath temperature is non-specific gobble-dee-gook. Most of the information you see is for lukewarm or tepid.

“I’m not sure who Luke is…

And I sure as heck don’t know how warm he is.”

Let me help you out here.

90-95°F is what the Mayo Clinic describes as ‘Tepid’. It is an ideal temperature for sponge bathing an infant or child with a fever.

The ideal bath temperature range for bathing is between 90°F and 102°F. I try to stay at 100° or below.

Never bath in water above 104°F.  It is damaging to the skin and the rest of your body. It’s like giving yourself an artificial fever.  Your body sends blood to your skin and away from your inner organs to help dissipate the heat and cool down.

You don’t want to make your body work that hard. Your psoriasis will not thank you.

Secret #6

Hold Off on Your Bath Oils…


A lot of people recommend bath oils for soft silky skin. Are they all wrong?

Bath oils can be a great addition to your bathing routine. But most people add them while the water is running. The problem with this is two-fold. Number one, your bath tub may get super slippery. We don’t want you to fall and bump your head.

The second reason is one you may not have thought about. But it will make perfect sense.  The reason we use oils on our skin is to trap in moisture. If you add oils to your bath too early, you are effectively trapping out moisture.

If your skin get coated as you get in you won’t be able to soak up all that wonderful water it needs. Try adding bath oils after 10-15 minutes instead.  Essential oils may be the exception.  You don’t use enough to affect it one way or the other.

Secret #7

Oh So Spoiled…


I was going to save this one for the extended downloadable list. But it is just too good.

This is one of my favorite bath secrets.

Keep a small but nice tray within arm’s reach. You may need to bring in a small stool. Believe me you don’t want this tray falling in. Why?

Because it is the ‘Chocolate Tray’….

That’s right. Chocolate releases endorphins and helps you relax and feel euphoric. Keep 5-6 of your favorite chocolates close by to enhance your bath. I always unwrap them first so I don’t have to fiddle around with wet hands.

It is not scientifically proven that eating chocolate in a warm relaxing bath will help your psoriasis.

Placebo or not… This is AWESOME.

There You Have
7 Secrets to Bathing with Psoriasis…
To Help You Save Your Skin and Heal Your Psoriasis.

I hope you enjoyed these ‘7 Secrets for Bathing with Psoriasis. We tried to give you more specifics than you usually get. We have a more complete list you can download as well.

What many people don’t realize is that stripping your skin of it’s natural oils is like taking down your first layer of protection against skin damage. We all know that skin damage is one of the major triggers for psoriasis.

We want to help you protect your skin. To heal and prevent your psoriasis.

Discover 21+ Secrets to Soothe Your Skin…

  • How To Make the ‘Chocolate Tray’ Even Better. Yes, it is possible.
  • How to Actually Enjoy a Cooler Bath. Yes, this too is possible.
  • Discover the Benefits of a Bathing Cool Down Period.
  • Plus Much, Much More.

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Discover 21+ Secrets

To Soothe Your Psoriasis

You Are Awesome.


Discover 21+ Secrets

To Soothe Your Psoriasis

You Are Awesome.